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Founded all the way back in 2012, Doublejump is an independent Australian publication that is dedicated to celebrating the games industry by producing a mixture of informed critiques, in-depth analyses, interesting discoveries, and weekly news round-ups, all delivered with genuine enthusiasm. Our team houses an eclectic group of enthusiasts from all around Australia and the world, who enjoy everything from the biggest of AAAs to the smallest of indies, the most intense action games to the most relaxed exploration games and everything in between, who have all come together to celebrate the love of video games.

More than anything else, we're looking for staff members who share our immense love for video games, and who want to express that love by helping us to build the biggest and most trusted voice in the Australian games journalism industry. If that sounds like you, please read on!

Positions available:

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📝 Contributor:

The Contributor position is the entry-level writing position in the Doublejump Staff, best suited to those who are looking to put together the kinds of articles they've been seeing on the site for the past few years.

We have also added a News Crew to our roster for those who can — or would like to — commit to producing shorter-form content more often.

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🗣 Community Lead:

It's probably self-explanatory, but our Community Leads are here to leverage their activity on social media and in the community to help our website – and its audience – grow.

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We will be responding to your application via email if it is successful, so please take whatever measures you can to ensure that the email (from [email protected]) doesn't go into your spam inbox!